Tuesday, September 13, 2011

MineCraft 1.8: Still not here

Hello there. It has been a while since my last post but I haven't really have time for games in the last couple of weeks. I will stay busy till the end of the month but I don't want this blog to die and there's always at least a few whiles for games. So here's my post.

MineCraft 1.8. Delayed. Over and over again. According to the original plan it should be out a week ago or even earlier. But it's not. They released the pre-release version with a lot of bugs and keep working on the update. Like there were no past three month. I wonder what have they been doing... Nothing serious, that's for sure. They even removed a few features like the snow bioms and abandoned another few things that they said they will include in the update. I think it's not ok - they took the money, promised golden mountains and nothing. Notch started two other project and it seems that he doesn't really care about his main product anymore. That's sad.

MineCraft is still a great game and I'm pretty sure that everything will end up good, eventually, I will keep playing it, I just can't stand the attitude of the developer. It's better to act like Blizzard - no promises, no dates, no leaks until the game is at least 99% done.

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