Sunday, August 14, 2011

Tomb Raider: Legend

It's more than a decade since me and Lara Croft have seen each other last time. Tomb Raider III and Tomb Raider: Last Revelation were my only contacts with the sexy lady archaeologist and my memory saved them very positively.

Two or three days ago, in a gaming magazine that I bought two or three weeks ago, I found an article about the new Tomb Raider game that is being produced. I got really interested and I think I will but that game but having Lara Croft on my mind, I remembered that a couple of months ago I bought a magazine with the full version of Tomb Raider: Legend attached. Why not, I thought.

It was a short journey, I must say. I completed the game within 9 hours and that's really not much for me; I'm the type of a guy who likes to see more, go to each mouse hole and make a screenshot, talk with every stranger on my way, admire the views and so on. And there's a lot of things to admire. The graphic is great, even though the game is over 5 years old. And music which fits perfectly. You don't want to rush things up in such circumstances.

Lara Craft has changed. I remember here as a cynical and self confident person with a fantastic body. Now she became a female version of James Bond to me, even the into suggest so. She has friends talking to her all the time via the headset, friends who try to be funny but they are not. Something also changed in Lara's attitude. Not sure how exactly name that but I don't really like it. But she's still sexy!

The game itself is okay but nothing more over that. You have a quest to accomplish, you visit many different locations like Bolivia, Kazakhstan, Peru, England or Japan, you jump, climb and shot. Typical. The scenario isn't really that important, it's about Lara's parents and an ancient sword. Nothing that could impress me. I also think that Prince of Persia is much better, with more options, slightly better atmosphere and the lack of certain nonsense. I can't understand when I can break a glass in one location and it becomes impossible in another. Or that you can use a hook only in places where the designers thought that it will be cool.

In spite of all the game is fun to play. I took it as a light game for a weekend and it perfectly fulfilled its task. I wasn't bored, a few times I authentically opened my mouth in enchantment, the motorbike pursuits which happened twice were exciting, the fights with bosses were pretty demanding and I felt some kind of a small satisfaction after completing the game.

Summarizing, Tomb Raider: Legend was good but not great, I hope that the next episode of Lara's adventures will be better and longer, that there will be more darkness and that Lara will become herself once again. Pity that I have to wait a year for that.

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